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On the occasion of the Permanent Council of the UIHJ, held on 26 November 2020  for the first time in its history in a purely virtual way, the Asociacion Dominicana de Alguaciles (ADA) of the Dominican Republic joined the ranks of the International Union.

The ADA is a non-profit organization that was founded on September 12, 1985, and whose goal is to bring together judicial officers from the Dominican Republic to carry out projects for the development of the profession.

As a consequence of several incidents, including verbal and physical threats, the profession of the judicial officer was considered a high-risk profession in the Dominican Republic.

A Law proposal regulating the practice of the profession and providing some protection for enforcement professionals,  as well as the interaction with various entities, both nationally and internationally, including through the exchange of good practices, gives the ADA hope that the profession of the judicial officer will develop in a favorable way in the Dominican Republic.

Currently, the ADA has more than 700 members.  It is chaired by Hipolito  Giron Reyes.

The ADA’s application for membership was welcomed and unanimously received by the UIHJ Permanent Council.  Following this decision, the ADA became an observer member until the next International Congress, which will take place in Dubai from 22 to 25 November 2021.  It is the International Congress, that will decide on the full membership.

The ADA is the 99th association to join the ranks of the UIHJ.

We welcome all our colleagues from the Dominican Republic to our organization.