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UIHJ Experts

A critical function for the UIHJ is to support its members by carrying out international missions. This may be in relation to an unforeseen crisis, to support a strategic development project, helping to lobby government, or participating in national conferences and events. Since being established in 1952, the UIHJ has successfully completed thousands of such missions, and in doing so, been instrumental in the transformation of outdated and ineffective regimes, into modern, highly efficient and sustainable enforcement systems.

This kind of intervention and support has been a major benefit to our member organisations, and other stakeholders, never forgetting the rights of the individual citizens, who are subject to enforcement. So, in light of this dynamic and constantly evolving professional landscape, The UIHJ stands ready to support member orgisations, by providing access to a group of talented and technically qualified experts.

To achieve this critical function, we must rely on the support of motivated, highly professional and technically proficient experts, who are prepared to share their knowledge, experience, and most precious of all… Their time.

The link below will connect you to our team of UIHJ Experts, who are ready and willing to share their knowledge, experience and technical skills. This may be in relation to a short-term project or a longer more structured engagement, which may require a level of financial investment from your own organisation…

Should you have any specific questions or project proposals, then please contact us at:

Meet the UIHJ Experts

Judicial Officer



Marc SCHMITZ was born in Belgium. He graduated from “Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) » in 1991 and passed his professional exam as Judicial Officer in 1995 with distinction. He has been appointed as Judicial Officer by Royal Decree from 04/08/1996 in his hometown, in Sankt-Vith, located in the German speaking part of Belgium. He’s since then the owner and manager of the Judicial Officer firm “RECOLEX”. Since 1997, he was elected continuously as official representative of the Belgian National Chamber of Judicial Officers at the “Union Internationale des Huissiers de Justice (UIHJ)”, with headquarter in Paris. He works as lecturer on numerous conferences on civil enforcement for more than 20 years and participated as expert in different international projects funded by the EU and the Council of Europe. In 2012 he became a member of the UIHJ board. In 2015 he was elected First-Vice President of the UIHJ and in 2018 he acceded to the position of President. He’s furthermore co-founder and President of the “Union Européenne des Huissiers de Justice (UEHJ)” with headquarter in Brussels.

Language spoken:
German, French, English, Dutch, Luxembourgish.

Consultant, Trainer, Coach


Bulgaria (България)

Rich experience is managing projects and providing consulting to various UIHJ members, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Laos, Western Balkans and pan-European projects like the Enforcement Atlas and Find-a-Bailiff directory establishment. Currently involved in the PACE project provriding GDPR training to enforcement officers in Europe and candidate countries.

Specific area of expertise:
Project Management, Training, Enforcement, Mediation

Language spoken:
English, Bulgarian, Swedish

Judicial Officer

Carlos CALVO


Participation in European Commission conferences.
Speaking engagements at international legal conferences.
International networking
Involvement in international working groups or committees.

Specific area of expertise:
New technologies, Service, Enforcement, Statement of facts, European law

Language spoken:
English, French, Spanish, German, Luxembourgish

Professor, Lawyer, Consultant

Apostolos ANTHIMOS

Greece (Ελλάδα)

Ph.D. International Civil Litigation (Thessaloniki,2002); masters of Laws (Hanover, Germany (1994). Four monographs on Civil Procedure and CoL; co-editor/main author: ‘The EU Service Regulation, a Commentary (Elgar,2023); co-author Civil Procedure in Greece, 3rd edition, IEL (Kluwer,2023). Various publications on European & International PIL, EU law and Civil Procedure. Contact point, EJN-Civ; EJTN Instructor; Trainer of Judges, lawyers, and MoJ staff in East & Southeastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central & Southeastern Asia. Editor in chief,Lex & Forum–law review on CoL. Co-editor, /; Board Member,EAPIL. Member of EU expert groups (DG JUSTICE AND CONSUMERS).

Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, Training, Service, Enforcement, Mediation, European law, International private law

Language spoken:
English, Spanish, German, Greek

Judicial Officer


Estonia (Eesti)

From 2012 lecturer in University of Tartu
From 2001 Certified Enforcement Officer of Tallinn, Republic of Estonia
Elin Vilippus Enforcement Office, A.Lauteri 5, Tallinn
Public sector, performing the task of enforcement in accordance with the Estonian Law on Enforcement
2020 – 2021 Estonian Business School, EMBA
1999 – 2003 University of Tartu Law Institute, law (MA)
1986 – 1990 Estonian Agricultural University, animal husbandry (MA, summa cum laude)
1975 – 1986 Elva Secondary School


Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, Project Management, New technologies, Service of documents, Enforcement, Mediation, Statement of facts

Language spoken:
Estonian, English, Russian

Judicial Officer

Karolien DOCKERS

Belgium (België)

I’m a judicial officer with an expertise in services and execution of civil and commercial judgments in Europe, more specific in the european service regulation 2020/1784 and brussel I recast 1215/2012, and other european regulations.
I’m a trained trainer by the Filit-programm and attend seminars and congresses as a speaker on those topics.

Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, Service of documents, Enforcement

Language spoken:
English, French, Dutch

Judicial Officer, Professor, Consultant


Brazil (Brasil)

I have a degree in Law (UFRN), Specialist in Labor Law and Process (UnP), Master in Constitutional Law (UFRN), Doctor in Human Rights and Development (UFPB) and Post-doctorate in Fundamental Rights and Guarantees (FDV). I have been teaching Labor Law classes for 13 years in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as training for Justice Officers in various federal and state courts throughout Brazil on the topics ” investigation of people and assets in labor proceedings” and “communication and language in procedures for Judicial Officers”.I have published several articles and legal works, I am affiliated with the Association of Federal Judicial Officers of Rio Grande do Norte and FENASSOJAF (Brazil).

Specific area of expertise:
New technologies, Training, GDPR, Enforcement, Mediation, Communication and Language

Language spoken:
English, Spanish, Portuguese

Judicial Officer, Consultant

Patrick GIELEN

Belgium (België)

Patrick Gielen, born on August 9, 1976, in Alsemberg, Belgium, is a distinguished legal professional specializing in European civil procedures. He earned his Master in Law with distinction in 1999 from the University of Liège. Patrick’s professional journey began as a Candidate Judicial Officer in Brussels (2002-2013), progressing to a Judicial Officer from 2013 onwards. He has also held significant advisory roles, such as Advisor to the President of the UIHJ (2018-2021) and President of the French Commission for the Nomination of Judicial Officers in Belgium (2018-2022). He was also a Delegate for European Affairs at the Belgium National Chamber of Judicial Officers. He is now Judicial Officer at Modero Brussel and secretary of the board of the UIHJ.

Patrick’s language proficiency is exceptional, with full proficiency in French and Dutch, and high proficiency in German and English. His involvement in European projects includes participating in the EJL project to develop an e-learning platform for judicial officers across the EU and contributing to the scientific committee of a study on the Brussels Ibis Regulation. It includes also a participation as an expert indifferent European funded projects (FILIT, FAB3, PACE, EU ENFORCEMENT ATLAS, JODES, E-FILIT).

He is a recognized specialist in European civil procedure, contributing to various legal journals and books, and frequently speaking at national and international conferences. Notable publications include articles and studies on European Enforcement Orders and judicial procedures, showcasing his deep expertise in these areas.

Overall, Patrick Gielen is a highly experienced judicial officer with extensive knowledge and contributions in the field of European law, reflected in his advisory roles, conference participations, and scholarly publications.

Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, Project Management, New technologies, Training, Service of documents, Enforcement, Mediation, Statement of facts, European law, International private law

Language spoken:
English, French, German, Dutch

Judicial Officer, UIHJ Board Member


United Kingdom

Based in Glasgow, I have over forty years of experience in Scottish civil enforcement and debt recovery. I am a qualified Messenger-at-Arms and Sheriff Officer, being the relevant judicial officer qualifications in Scotland.
It was my privilege to serve as president of The Society of Messengers at Arms and Sheriff Officers (SMASO), from 1997 to 1999. I am currently working with SMASO’s Digital Transformation committee, to ensure our profession maximises all the benefits, that modern technology might offer. I am also significantly involved in our standing professional fee review committee.
Given that “travel broadens the mind,” I have been actively involved in our international community for over 25 years, currently holding the executive board position of Assistant Treasurer. Of specific note, I am a member of the UIHJ Scientific Council, and it was my honour to be appointed Rapporteur General for the 24th UIHJ Congress in Dubai.
Within my own business, my principal responsibilities include finance, strategic planning, HR, business governance, GDPR and information security.

Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, New technologies, GDPR, Service of documents, Enforcement

Language spoken:

Judicial Officer Other, Currently honorary judicial officer (since 2023) and Secretary-General of the UIHJ



French Master II law degree in processual law at Paris II Panthéon Assas University (1991)
30 years of practise as a judicial officer (huissier de justice) in France (1993 to 2023)
Member of the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) since 2000
Several expertise missions and reports for the Council of Europe in various Eastern European countries, since 2000
Participation in the drafting of the CEPEJ Guidelines on Enforcement of 17 December 2004
Writing and participation in the writing of many articles and law books, in French and in English, including the Global Code of Enforcement published by the UIHJ
Participation in many congresses, colloquiums, seminars, conferences, workshops, organised or co-organised by the UIHJ since 1999, with HCCH, Council of Europe and CEPEJ, European Commission, World Bank, OSCE, OHADA, etc. in approx. 50 countries (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America)
Trainer at the French National School of Procedure for approc. 15 years
Occasional trainer at the French National School of Court Clerks (Ecole nationale des greffes), and the French High School of Interperters and Translators (ESIT)

Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, Training, Service of documents, Enforcement, Statement of facts, European law, International private law

Language spoken:
English, French

Judicial Officer, Consultant


Netherlands (Nederland)

First vice-president of the International Union of judicial officers (UIHJ). Enforcement agenty in the Netherlands.

During the past 25 years Jos has been mainly active as a legal reform and legal drafting expert in numerous countries both within and outside Europe, mainly in the field of enforcement law (for European Commission, IMF, World Bank, EBRD, USAID). Currently active in: Western Balkan region, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Laos, EU member states (on privacy).

He has been active as a lecturer at the Dutch University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Prishtina State University and as a guest lecturer at different universities and judicial academies.

He is a reporter of the Project Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets of the European Law Institute; was a project member of the Blockchain and smart contracts project team (also European Law Institute). He is an observer member of the Unidroit project on principles for effective enforcement and observer member of the Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) of the Council of Europe working group on Cyberjustice and AI.

Specific area of expertise:
Civil Procedure, Project Management, New technologies, Training, GDPR, Service of documents, Enforcement, Mediation, Statement of facts, European law, International private law soft skills, management training, communication, institutional capacity building

Language spoken:
English, Dutch