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International Union
of Judicial Officers

It was in 1949, that Jean Soulard, President of the French National Chamber of Judicial Officers, first expressed the idea of creating the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ), during their national congress.

Thereafter, the first congress of the UIHJ was held in Paris, in 1952, with seven countries participating: Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

At the 24th International Congress of Judicial Officers in Dubai, 25th November 2021, there were 100 member or associated (through co-operation agreements) member organisations of the UIHJ, from 94 countries.

Having taken a proactive role in the creation of an independent judicial officer structure in Europe, the UIHJ then focused its work in Africa, to instigate a programme, contributing to the establishment of a fully regulated profession.

Furthermore, the UIHJ is active on the American continent, in particular in the USA, Quebec, South America and in the Caribbean zone, as well as on the Asian continent, in Central Asia and in Southeast Asia.


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