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The Board of the UIHJ for 2024-2027

A the term of the International Congress of Judicial Officers which was held in Rio de Janeiro, the board of the UIHJ for the term 2024-2027 was elected as follows :

  • President: Marc Schmitz (Belgium)
  • 1st Vice-Président: Jos Uitdehaag (Netherlands)
  • Vice-Presidents:
    Jean-Pierre Herbette (France),
    Jean-Didier Bidié (Congo)
  • Treasurer: David Walker (Scotland)
  • Secretary: Patrick Gielen (Belgium)
  • Vice-Treasurer: Carlos Calvo (Luxembourg)
  • Vice-Secretary: Sue Collins (USA)
  • Members:
    Malone Cunha (Brazil)
    Paulo Teixeira (Portugal)
    Mohamed Reda Bougrine (Algeria)
President: Marc Schmitz (Belgium)
1st Vice-Président: Jos Uitdehaag (Netherlands)
Vice-President : Jean-Pierre Herbette (France)
Vice-President : Jean-Didier Bidié (Congo)
Treasurer : David Walker (Scotland)
Secretary: Patrick Gielen (Belgium)
Vice-Treasurer: Carlos Calvo (Luxembourg)
Vice-Secretary: Sue Collins (USA)
Member: Malone Cunha (Brazil)
Member: Paulo Teixeira (Portugal)
Member: Mohamed Reda Bougrine (Algeria)

The Union has a tripartite working structure

The international congress

Is the supreme body of the UIHJ, the International Congress of the UIHJ comprises of all judicial officer organisations, subject to the status of each National chamber or association. Its resolutions are fully binding.

The Congress takes place every three years. The 24th International Congress was held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 23 to 25 November 2021. It brought together more than 550 judicial officers, from nearly 60 countries. The 25th International Congress of Judicial Officers will be held in from 7 to 10 May 2024 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

The permanent councils

It is the role of the Permanent Councils to implement the resolutions made at the time of the congresses. Each chamber or national association is represented at the Permanent Council of the UIHJ by one or more delegates.  An annual plenary, Permanent Council is held in Paris, the last week of November.

The bureau

The Board of the UIHJ is the body responsible for implementing the decisions of the international congress and the permanent council meetings. It’s composed of eleven members, of which at least three must belong to delegations from different continents.

It is composed by:

  • 1 President
  • 1 First Vice-President
  • 2 Vice-Presidents
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 1 Deputy Treasurer
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Deputy Secretary
  • 3 Board Members


The Union’s membership comprises of:
  • Full members
  • Observer members
The UIHJ is also linked with non governmental organisations via co-operation agreements. Membership criteria are limited to simple formalities (contact the secretariat for information). The Union is funded by subscription payments made by the full members and by extraordinary revenue such as subsidies and the sale of articles. The subscription payment is calculated on the basis of the number of officers of Court practising in each country, on the one hand, and the criteria specific to the economic situation of the member organisation, on the other.


Conferences on international law, on the role of the Union, on the work of the process server and on a comparative study of different countries’ legislation in terms of judicial law and enforcement procedure are organised on each of the continents represented by the UIHJ.


The UIHJ also publishes a semi-annual magazine, UIHJ MAGAZINE, for officers of Court, authorities, embassies, etc. of member organisations.

Link to UIHJ Magazine

Any question? Feel free to contact us.