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The UIHJ organized on 5th October 2020 a webinar on the theme: “Judicial officer and evidence through statements of facts”

After the success of the first webinar organized on 11th June 2020, the UIHJ organized a second webinar on the theme of statements of facts, which focused on the tools available to judicial officers to help them fulfill their mission.

More than 450 participants get registered for the event.

The statement of fact is a universal method of providing evidence through a report which, when it is carried out by a judicial officer, gives it such probative force that many litigants prefer to waive or negotiate rather than face a trial that they know has been lost in advance.

The statement of fact provides evidence of a material fact, regardless of any factual or legal consequence. If the judicial officer uses his five senses as part of his mission, the assistance of tools and technologies allow him to act with great precision and to improve his work (photographs, audio recordings, videos, Internet, geolocation, social media, use of drones, etc.).

The judicial officer must first know the tools at his disposal, using only those recognized by law or case law. He must then learn to master them while respecting fundamental rights.

This was precisely the purpose of this practical webinar.

To fluidify the exchanges, two sessions were organized, one in the morning in French and one in the afternoon in English.

Program of the afternoon session (IN ENGLISH ONLY) :

  • Opening: Marc Schmitz, president of the UIHJ
  • Presentation: Jos Uitdehaag, secretary of the UIHJ
  • Statements of facts on the Internet – Rules and protocol: Mathieu Chardon, 1st vice-president of the UIHJ
  • Statements of facts and video, audio messages, SMS, WhatsApp, social medias, etc.: Rui Miguel Simao, Secretary of the Order of solicitadores and enforcement agents in Portugal
  • Statements of facts, drones, and privacy: Marc Schmitz, president of the UIHJ
  • Discussions: Jos Uitdehaag, secretary of the UIHJ

You can watch the session by clicking HERE