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The Hague Convention for Private International Law is without doubt the most important universal organization whose purpose is “progressive unification of the rules of private international law“.

Already since the establishment of UIHJ (in 1952), there is a very close cooperation between UIHJ and HCCH. In that respect we refer for example to the Practical Handbook on the Operation of the Hague Service Convention of 15 November 1965  that mentions to UIHJ (and quoting): The decision to initiate work on an instrument relating to the transmission of documents to be served abroad, so shortly after signature of the Convention of 1 March 1954 on Civil Procedure, was made at the Ninth Session of the Conference. It echoed a memorandum from the International Association of Judicial Officers.”

The idea of having an instrument that deals with cross border recognition of foreign decisions dates back to the earliest conventions of the HCCH. There are several instruments that deal and were trying to resolve issues of easier circulation of decisions among the Member States and other parties of the HCCH.

Now there is the new 2019 Hague Convention on recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in civil and commercial matters (2019 Hague Convention) which represents one of the most awaited international agreements in the legal field of private international law.

UIHJ believes that this new Convention and its importance is important to be known to all judicial officers and other legal professionals.

The EU formally decided to accede the 2019 Judgment Convention. Meanwhile this decision is implemented by the depositing of the instrument of accession with the Depositary. Also Ukraine, at the same time deposited the instrument of ratification. This means that the Convention will go into force from 1 September 2023!