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The UIHJ launches a series of practical webinars on enforcement in foreign countries : “How to enforce in…


The 1st practical webinar of the UIHJ on enforcement: “Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: how to enforce in the Baltic countries? », has been hold on Monday 21 March 2022.

In the context of transnational disputes, which number increases every year, the question of the enforcement of a court decision in a foreign country regularly arises. What documents are needed to enforce? Who is competent to enforce, how to identify and contact the person in charge of enforcement? What language to use? What enforcement measures are applicable? What is the cost of enforce and what is the duration of this process?…

To provide concrete answers, the UIHJ is setting up a series of practical webinars focused on practical cases.

These webinars are free. They are intended for enforcement professionals but also for other legal professions, academics, students, as well as individuals.

Four webinars will be organised each year. Each webinar focuses on three or four countries in the same geographical area or whose judicial organisation is comparable.

The webinars will notably address the following points:

  • What titles can be enforced in the country?
  • Who is responsible for serving or notifying the documents relating to enforcement and how to use the cross-border service of documents instruments?
  • Is it possible to obtain information about the debtor and his assets before starting enforcement?
  • Can the judicial officers of the country carry out an amicable recovery of the debt?
  • What databases are available to obtain information on the debtor’s assets?
  • What is the cost of the enforcement procedure for the creditor?

The first UIHJ webinar on enforcement has been organised online on Monday 21 March 2022 . It concerned the enforcement of court decisions in the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The speakers were:

  • Moderation: Jonathan van Leeuwen (Netherlands), judicial officer, member of the Innovation Team of the UIHJ
  • Estonia: Haldi Koit, legal adviser of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia (seconded to the European Commission and –Legislative officer / seconded national expert of the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers, Civil Justice Unit, and Elin Vilippus, judicial officer, special adviser to the President of the UIHJ
  • Latvia: Agnes Kraukle, Deputy Director of the Council of Judicial Officers of Latvia
  • Lithuania: Dovile Satkauskienė, Director of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuania

Webinar language: English.

Individual members of the UIHJ can rewatch the webinar on the private part of the website.