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The National Association of Professional Process Server (NAPPS) held it’s 42nd annual Conference in Phoenix Arizona on the 19th and 20th of April with just under 100 members in attendance from around the United States.

UIHJ was represented by Marc Schmitz, president, and Sue Collins, deputy secretary.

NAPPS is the largest association in the United States, representing process server throughout the country.  The association has an online directory of its members, the services they provide and information to contact them if a document needs to be served in that area.  Thereby, creating a network across the country of reliable companies to handle the work.

The Conference is held yearly traveling to different states around the country to allow easier travel for members in that region. The conference offers a business meeting on the first day to inform the members present what is happening around the country and the condition of the association.

The 2nd day of the conference is educational with speakers on various subjects of interest to the members.  Of course, there is much time allotted for members to network and socialize with each other during the conference, meeting people that they exchange work with or who may send them documents for service in the future.

The 2nd day is also when the new board is elected each year for the following year.  Each of the board members work on a committee or have assignments to progress the association and serve the members.  Each head of committee reports their activities to the membership during the 1st day of the conference.  The board members also write article for the newsletter of the association to keep the membership up to date on what is happening.

The conference was very successful for all members in attendance.