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The 15th National Congress of Procuradores was held from November 16th to 18th, 2023, in Granada, Spain. This significant event for the profession gathered professionals from all over Spain, offering a platform for exchange and reflection on crucial issues such as technology, ethics, and adapting new legal challenges.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Juan Carlos Estévez, president of the National Council of Procuradores of Spain. The first workshop, focusing on mediation, was led by Pilar Fuentes Tomás and animated by Laura Arranz Lago. This workshop highlighted the need to develop communication and conflict resolution skills to improve the efficiency of judicial processes and stakeholder satisfaction.

The welcome evening, held in the heart of Granada at the historic Convento de Santa Paula, provided opportunities for rich exchanges and sharing experiences, all enhanced by the sounds of flamenco, reflecting the cultural richness of Spain.

The second day featured five workshops, addressing key topics for the future of the profession. The first panel discussed the (EU= Regulation 1784/2020 on the service of of judicial and extrajudicial documents between EU member states, moderated by Maria Granizo Palomeque, with contributions from Luis Ortega, vice-president of the UIHJ, and Carlos Calvo, secretary of the UEHJ. Spain’s performance in international service was criticized, underscoring the need to optimize procedures and encourage Spain to recognize procuradores as transmitting and receiving agencies under the (EU) Regulation 1784/2020.

A highlight of the day was the workshop on new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, exploring the impact of this technology on the profession and emphasizing the importance of adopting digital solutions. A practical demonstration of artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT, was followed by a discussion on the ethical and regulatory implications of AI in the legal sector.

The day concluded with a private tour of the Alhambra, a jewel of Islamic architecture and one of the world’s wonders.

The final day shone a light on the vision of young procuradores and debates on equality in the profession. The roundtable on the perspectives of young procuradores offered innovative views on the future of the profession. Discussions on sensitive topics such as the reform of conciliation and the representation of victims of gender violence in Andalusia highlighted the importance of legal representation in critical societal areas.”