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« The Judicial Officer and the Media: The Strength of Communication »


On Thursday 8 June 2023, the 16th World Day of the Judicial Officer will be held, organised by the UIHJ.

This day constitutes for the profession of judicial officer and enforcement agent an essential meeting with the litigants, individuals, companies, public administrations, legal professions, magistrates, and the media.

The theme chosen this year is: “The judicial officer and the Media: The Strength of Communication”.

While the European Court of Human Rights has recognised them as “essential elements of the rule of law”, judicial officers – wrongly – still convey today a negative image linked to some of their delicate activities and which turn out to be also in the minority.

The influence of the media has taken a considerable place in our lives. They represent an undeniable power in our society. One could even say that the media have a certain capacity to fix the ways of thinking of society. Some even consider that the media have become in a way the “judges of truth”.

When we are on our smartphones, we all are consuming media. When we talk about the media, there is of course not only the written press, but also the online press, social networks, forums, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok, etc.

The idea of the 16th World Day of the Judicial Officer is to sensitise the judicial officers to reflect, to carry out actions, in order precisely to take advantage of the media effect to improve the persistent and false image of our profession.

It is not a question of perceiving the media as an enemy or an adversary, but rather as an ally.

The 16th World Day of the Judicial Officer will therefore give the profession of judicial officer the opportunity to reflect on how to use the communication power of the media to its benefit.