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The National Group of Mediator Commissioners (GNCM) is a French association that brings together Commissioners of Justice providing amicable and judicial solutions for the settlement of all types of disputes. Created on the initiative of the National Chamber of Commissioners of Justice of France, to promote the development of all amicable modes of dispute resolution by the profession of Commissioner of Justice, the GNCM is a Permanent Observer Member of the UIHJ.

The GNCM hosted for two days French Commissioners of Justice and Judicial Officers from Congo wishing to train in mediation or to deepen their knowledge around specialised mediation training or practical analyses. Marc Schmitz, President of the UIHJ, honoured this event with his presence, for a better understanding of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (ADR) and compare them at international level.

The board and the members of the Board of Trustees of the GNCM declared themselves very pleased with these exchanges, reinforced by the presence of several Congolese Judicial Officers within the framework of their initial training in this matter, together with Jean-Didier Bidié, Vice-President of the UIHJ. As a Permanent Observer Member of the UIHJ, the GNCM now participates in the collective reflection and particularly in the definition, use and approach of ADR worldwide.

In preparation for the 25th International Congress of Judicial Officers to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 7 to 10 May 2024, on the theme of “The Judicial Officer, Trusted Third Party“, the subject of meditation is not to be outdone and Christine Valès, President of the GNCM and member of the Board of the UIHJ, actively participates in the drafting of the written report of the Congress on this subject.

President Schmitz followed with great interest all the work of these two days: philosophy of mediation, focus on the allegory of Plato’s cave and maieutic, development by an academic of the various ADR, focus on negotiation by a lawyer, analysis of the management of emotions by a specialist in this subject, reading and poetry on the words chosen in mediation to relieve pain. Scenarios, confrontation of practice and ideas, mediations ensured!

The Spring University ended with a visit at dusk to the Pink City in the footsteps of Claude Nougaro, a famous French jazz and blues singer from Toulouse!