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5th edition of the UIHJ practical webinars on enforcement in foreign countries : “How to enforce in…?

In the context of transnational disputes, which number increases every year, the question of the enforcement of a court decision in a foreign country regularly arises. What documents are needed to enforce? Who is competent to enforce, how to identify and contact the person in charge of enforcement? What language to use? What enforcement measures are applicable? What is the cost of enforce and what is the duration of this process?…

To provide concrete answers, the UIHJ is setting up a series of practical webinars focused on practical cases.

These webinars are free. They are intended for enforcement professionals but also for other legal professions, academics, students, as well as individuals.

Four webinars will be organised each year. Each webinar focuses on three or four countries in the same geographical area or whose judicial organisation is comparable.

The webinars will notably address the following points:

  • What is the cost of the enforcement procedure for the creditor?
  • In your country, is it possible to obtain information about the creditor before or after having an enforcement title and what information are available ?
  • Whether and how the enforcement officer can seize the salary (pension, unemployment benefit),
  • Whether and how the enforcement officer can seize the movable property?

The 5th practical webinar of the UIHJ on enforcement in foreign countries: “How to enforce in …” dealt with Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, and was hold on Wednesday 15th March 2023.

The speakers were:

  • Moderation: Mathieu Chardon, Secretary General of the UIHJ
  • Germany: Doreen Donner – delegate and spokeswoman for the basic commission of the Federal Executive Board of German enforcement officers
  • Poland: Malgorzata Pedziszczak, enforcement officer in Poland and member of the UIHJ innovation team
  • Czech Rebublic: Andrea Šulcová, lawyer  of the Chamber of enforcement officers of Czech Rebublic

Working language : English

UIHJ individual members can rewatch the webinar and have an exclusive access to the PowerPoint presentations.