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Within the Balkan Enforcement strengthening Project (BESP), the third  3-days session  of the Train the trainers program for enforcement agents and judges was organised. This ToT  program offers a sustainable training programme for private enforcement agents in order to improve enforcement and to develop a core group of trainers for the South Eastern Europe region and especially North Macedonia.

The program is dedicated to applying an instructional methodology for adult learning, developing presentation and facilitation skills, designing training courses, curriculum development and preparing course material. The training is given by Zlaty Mihailova (senior enforcement and training expert from Bulgaria and Jos Uitdehaag (Netherlands), first vice -president of UIHJ.

The complete program lasts 13 days and includes written assignments in between the sessions. The last session is planned 29 November until 1 December. Graduating trainers will be certified by the International Union of Enforcement Officers (UIHJ), as a guarantee for the quality of the followed course. Next to Georgia, Moldova, Albania, and Kosovo* this is the fifth country in which UIHJ is organising the training program to UIHJ accredited trainer.