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Luisa Lozano, Administrative Secretary of the UIHJ, took a well-deserved retirement on 1st May 2022.

Luisa Lozano has been serving the profession of judicial officer since 1981, the year in which she is recruited by the National Chamber of Judicial Officers of France. From the 1990s, she is gradually associated with the international actions of the French chamber, in particular with Roland Soulard, then Jacques Isnard. From 1994, when Jacques Isnard is elected President of the UIHJ, she is officially appointed Administrative Secretary of the UIHJ, a position she has held to this day. She served for fifteen years under the presidency of Jacques Isnard, six years under the presidency of Leo Netten, three years under the presidency of Françoise Andrieux and three years under the presidency of Marc Schmitz, covering ten international congresses of judicial officers !

Her exceptional skills, her courage, her extraordinary capacity for work, her constant availability, her total dedication, her acute sense of organisation and contact, as well as her nobility of heart, quickly imposed her as an essential pillar of the UIHJ, without which our organisation could not have achieved the objectives it has set itself.

Within and around the UIHJ, everyone knows Luisa and unanimously appreciates her. After more than forty years with the profession of judicial officer, a new page of her life opens, a page filled with many projects that we know she will lead them to their terms.

The entire UIHJ thanks her with all its heart for all her years and congratulates her on her well-deserved retirement. We measure the privilege that is ours to count Luisa Lozano among the members of the great family of judicial officers where she will always have her place. We wish her a bright future!

It is Mathieu Chardon, Secretary General of the UIHJ, former first Vice-President of the UIHJ – another pillar of the UIHJ since 1999 – who has the heavy task of replacing the irreplaceable Luisa! We wish him every success in his new function.