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The Steering Committee of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers of Cameroon (CHNJC) organised on 7 and 8 October 2021 at the Falaise Bonapriso hotel in Douala, the first edition of the University of the corporation called “HUISS’VERSITE” .

HUISS’VERSITE is first and foremost a continuous training space for judicial officers who thus have a formal and periodic framework for the acquisition of adequate professional equipment allowing them to ensure a more efficient service at the level of their offices.

HUISS’VERSITE also offers judicial officers a panoramic and prospective look at their corporation by approaching other legal and justice professionals, and even other socio-professional groups, to conduct reflections on various themes in view of a better understanding of the rule of law and the practice of law.

The theme of the seminar organised on this occasion focused on “Enforcement of court decisions in all its forms” under the scientific direction of Professor Henri Modi Koko Bedey, associate professor of private law and secretary general of the University of Douala, assisted by the Scientific Commission of the CNHJC.

The work saw the participation of around a hundred judicial officers from different regions of the country, several lawyers, and even judicial officers from the sister chamber of Chad, and above all the much-appreciated support and the very distinguished presence from a strong team of the UIHJ, President Marc Schmitz and Vice-Presidents Jean-Didier Bidié and Luis Ignacio Ortega.

The theme was deeply dissected and the different variations presented in an excellent way by legal professionals from various backgrounds (university teachers, senior judges, lawyers, judicial officers, bank lawyers, etc.) made it possible to detect, in rich transversal exchanges, nodes of various types which have the effect of complicating, if not abnormally delaying the execution of court decisions: excessive formalism of Ohada enforcement procedures, timid involvement of the State in this area – which takes refuge often behind the very fluctuating notion of public order – status of the judicial officer who does not always have the adequate legal means to carry out his mission.

Participants were also taught about the influence of Ohada’s procedures for wiping debts on traditional enforcement procedures, and the influence of inheritance and matrimonial regimes on debt collection.

Finally, on a prospective basis, interventions were made on the seizure of digital assets and the electronic seizure of the bank account.

The very convivial event ended with the presentation of gifts to special guests and certificates to participants. The 2021 edition HUISS’VERSITE lanterns were extinguished over a hearty dinner. We can’t wait for HUISS’VERSITE 2022.