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1st Consortium Meeting


5 February 2021


The UEHJ is a partner in the European Project FILIT (For the improved implementation of EU law through interprofessional training) which officially started on February 1st, 2021.

FILIT aims to train judicial officers and lawyers on EU law using a blended learning method to:

–           improve the implementation of EU legislation in the fields of civil/commercial, criminal, family law, and data protection.

–           raise awareness of legislation, jurisprudence, and foster dialogue between judicial trainers of different national backgrounds, while strengthening cross-border cooperation between the different actors in civil proceedings in Europe.

The objective of the project is to provide training on a large scale:  at least 360+ beneficiaries directly involved in the training activities. Additionally, the project estimates the participation of at least 70+ beneficiaries participating in the inter-professional conferences.

The project will organize the following activities:

–          3 online training of trainers on EU law.

–           1 seminar on Legal English.

–           3 recorded inter-professional conferences on EU legal affairs back-to-back with 3 training sessions in line with the topics of the conferences.

–           10 e-learning modules concerning the practical application of EU regulations and EU fundamental rights.

The expected results of this project are a better application and understanding of EU law instruments in civil, family, commercial, and criminal matters, a better understanding of the impact of data protection legislation in the daily practice of judicial officers and lawyers, responsible for managing complex amounts of personal data, improve Legal English terminology and communication skills, a better application of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights and procedural guarantees and final large dissemination of e-learning modules on EU law to ensure continuous training and exchange of practices.

The UEHJ is responsible for work package 5 which is dedicated to communication. The UEHJ has the responsibility and the elaboration of all the communication strategy which contains the elaboration of the communication support and material, the creation of the project’s website, and the organization of the closing conference.

The other organization associated with this project are:

  • European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (EIPA – Luxemburg)
  • Fondazione Scuola Forense Vittorio Eman (Italy)
  • Ordem dos sollicitadores e dos agentes de execuçao (OSAE – Portugal)
  • Ecole de formation professionnelle des avocats des barreaux du ressort de la Cour d’Appel de Paris (France).