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Taking advantage of a training seminar for new judicial officers of Greece, Françoise Andrieux, President of the UIHJ, held on 9 September 2016 in Athens a meeting with the Greek representatives of the Stobra Commission of the UIHJ

As every year for about ten years, Françoise is invited to participate in the training seminar for the new Greek judicial officers. This new generation announces the development of the profession in this country as it comes from the law that raised the level of training required to become a Greek judicial officer to two years of university.

This is an opportunity here to thank the pioneers who shaped the profession year after year and applied the training objectives that constitute the pillars of the action of the UIHJ. The young judicial officers will surely show their gratitude.

Taking this opportunity, Françoise Andrieux, with George Grigoris (Greece), member of the board of the UIHJ, invited the representatives of the Stobra workshops appointed by the National Chamber of the Judicial Officers of Greece at a meeting in which she explained for each workshop the aims pursued and the methodology.

She thanked the participants for their commitment to this work at harmonising the European legislation concerning our profession that started many years ago by the UIHJ.

With everyone’s involvement, the future seems ensured!