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On 20 June 2023, the Bulgarian Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents organised a very successful international conference on the draft Law on Personal Bankruptcy as it is currently discussed.

The conference was opened by Julia Kovacheva, vice-minister of Justice, Stoyo Stoev, chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs in the National Assembly, Ivan Hadzhiivanov, president of the Bulgarian Chamber, and Georgi Dichev, former president of the Bularian Chamber.

UIHJ was represented by Jos Uitdehaag, first vice-president and, on behalf of UEHJ,  Dovile Satkauskiene, secretary-general.

Among the participants, there were enforcement agents, lawyers, representatives from the major banks and consumer organizations and business.

The conference proved to be a platform for discussion on the Bulgarian draft provisions on personal bankruptcy and challenges that may arise with the current version of the draft law;  international experiences in personal bankruptcy and solutions for persons with problematic debts, the role of the enforcement agent with regard to personal bankruptcy. For example, in the Baltic States, ther enforcement agent can also be appointed as an administrator in bankruptcy cases.