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On 12th of June, the Chief Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia, Arsen Mnacakanyan held a thematic-discussion on the occasion of the 16th World Day of the judicial officer with the participation of the management team and enforcement officers. The theme of this year’s for the UIHJ participate countries discussion is: “Judicial Officer and Media, the power of communication.”

In his opening speech, the Chief Enforcement Officer mentioned the active cooperation of the Compulsory Enforcement Service of  Ministry of Justice of The Republic Of Armenia with  the UIHJ, highly  evaluated the expert support of the Union in legislation enrichment. He especially highlighted the right usage of  media and public communication efficiency in social media age.

Arsen Mnacakanyan marked that the  Service,  prioritizing public accountability, is actively cooperating with media. This cooperation helps not only to elevate the activity of the Service, strategic improvements on public awareness, but also to solve different types of issues.

One of the points incorporated to the agenda was the draft of ”Law of the Republic of Armenia on Enforcement Proceedings”. An active discussion was initiated on the topic of the planned reforms. According to  the Chief Enforcement Officer,  the media also made a serious contribution to the coverage of the public discussions organized around the project, ensuring the interest of the broad sections of society and the involvement of public discussions. Idea exchange took place at the end of the thematic-discussion.

The Compulsory Enforcement Service of the Republic of Armenia is a full member of the International Union of Judicial Officers since 2015.