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In just over a decade, the Government of Azerbaijan, with World Bank assistance, has overhauled the way justice is delivered to citizens and businesses in the country. These accomplishments were supported through cooperation between the World Bank and the Government of Azerbaijan under the Judicial Modernization Project (JMP, 2006-2014) and the Judicial Services and Smart Infrastructure Project (JSSIP, 2014-2020).

A new phase seeks to build on the progress achieved in JSSIP and advance the implementation of the Presidential Decrees on  “Deepening Reforms in the Judicial-Legal System” as well as the State Program on the Development of Justice in Azerbaijan 2019-2023.

This phase will scale up the piloting of a private enforcement agent office focusing on small and medium size enterprises to allow for speedier, less costly resolution of civil and commercial disputes.

The UIHJ is involved in this project aimaing at assisting the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan by developing a set of recommendations aimed to establishment, implementation and evaluation of the pilot private enforcement agent offices based on good international practice.

Two UIHJ experts, Mathieu Chardon and Zlaty Mihailov, went to Baku on December 19 and 20, 2022. They notably met Ramin Garagurbanli, former President of the Council of the Europe’s European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (2018-2022), representative of the World Bank in the framework of the project, and the General Department of Judicial Officers of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, represented by its Director, Ilgar Jafarov. During the discussions, Mr Jafarov assured the experts of the UIHJ and the representative of the World Bank of his full support for the project and his full cooperation.