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The UIHJ, represented by its honorary president, Françoise Andrieux, its former 1st vice-president, Mathieu Chardon, and its administrative secretary, Luisa Lozano, attended the inauguration of the Jacques Isnard Gallery in the premises of the ADEC Group, a subsidiary company of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers of France.

The late Jacques Isnard, former president of the UIHJ between 1994 and 2009, who died on 23 November 2021, devoted all his energy to the creation of a museum dedicated to the profession of bailiff. This museum, unique in the world, which included pieces of inestimable historical value, was housed in Paris, on the premises of the National School of Procedure of France. Since the sale of the premises of the ENP, the items of this museum were looking for a new place.

It is now done thanks to the combined actions of his granddaughter, Marine Isnard, president of the Association for the promotion of the work of Jacques Isnard, Hubert Peyre, president of Adec, and Jean- Michel Rouzaud, president of the ENP.

For nearly 20 years, Adec has offered IT services and software solutions adapted to the profession and to the constraints of the profession of judicial officers. By placing innovation, expertise and high standards at the heart of its tools, Adec supports judicial officers in all stages of their digital transformation.

Today, history combines with modernity since the exceptional pieces constituting the museum of judicial officers are now on display in the large meeting room of Adec, in Montpellier, 785 rue Alfred Sauvy, 34470 Peyrols.

The inauguration took place on 3 December 2021. Speakers included Patrick Sannino, President of the National Chamber of Commissioners of Justice of France, Hubert Peyre, Jean-Michel Rouzaud and Marine Isnard.

The UIHJ wishes the Galerie Jacques Isnard a long life!

More information on Adec and the conditions for visiting the Jacques Isnard Gallery:


Photo caption:

Marine Isnard, president of the Association for the Promotion of the Work of Jacques Isnard, and granddaughter of Jacques Isnard, during her inaugural speech.