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During the Covid-19 crisis, the UIHJ highlights the initiatives taken by its members.

The website, created by the National Chamber of Commissioners of Justice of France, is based on a triple will:

  • Reaffirm the presence of the profession in the field of evidence, including from a semantic point of view (the statements of facts of a judicial officers “are” legal evidence, in particular in the face of many legaltechs who do not offer these guarantees).
  • Strengthen the image of the profession of judicial officer.
  • Expand the offer of judicial officers. is a support site for the valorisation and promotion of the different types of judicial officers’ statements of facts which is part of a specially studied digital action and press relations system. This initiative is based on a strategy aimed at highlighting this category of offer, already important for the profession and which, tomorrow, could be unavoidable. refers, for the time being, exclusively to the directory of the profession. It is currently putting forward, due to current events, the “Covid-19 health rules for extension and resumption of activity” statements of facts.

It will then highlight other types of statements of facts made by judicial officers as well as new approaches relating to the territory of evidence, according to their potential, particularly related to current events.

In the context of highlighting the Covid-19 health rules for extending and resuming activity, also presents a visual signature which can be displayed by companies to reassure customers and employees when the judicial officers’ report will have been achieved.

The display of this visual signature can only be made if it is accompanied by the name and contact details of the office in charge of the statement of facts so that the different audiences, customers, employees or other interested companies have the opportunity to take knowledge of the entire report. This minimum condition of transparency towards litigants essentially aims to offer legal protection.

Link to the website: