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European Union
of Judicial Officers

The European Union of Judicial Officers (UEHJ) is an international association created in 2016 in close coordination with the UIHJ. The UEHJ aims to represent, promote and ensure the interests of the judicial officers within the (candidate) member states of the European Union.

It includes 24 member countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro (observer member), The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia (observer member), Slovakia, Spain, Sweden.


The UEHJ is administered by an Executive Committee composed of seven members:

  • A president :              Marc SCHMITZ (BE)
  • A vice-president :     José Carlos RESENDE (PT)
  • A treasurer :              Juraj PODKONICZKY (CZ)
  • A secretary :              Carlos CALVO (LU)
  • Three members :     Karlheinz BRUNNER (DE),
  •                                     Ilias TSIPOS (GR)
  •                                     Janek POOL (EST)

A secretary general is appointed by the Executive Committee and is responsible for the promotion and logistic and administrative management of the association.

The General assembly is the sovereign body of the UEHJ. The General assembly meets twice per year during the Permanent council of the UIHJ.





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