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Au service de la profession d’huissier de justice dans le monde depuis 1952
At the Service of the Profession of Judicial Officer in the World since 1952
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UIHJ Permanent Council in Paris - France (21-24 November 2006)


During the Permanent Council that will take place in Paris from 21 to 24 Novembre 2006, the UIHJ will launch a vast program to develop and promote a multi-field judicial officer including 16 activities

The multi-field judicial officer

I - Activities relating to enforcement and the service of documents

1. The optimisation of the enforcement of the court decisions
a. Access to information
b. Assistance to the judicial officer
2. The optimisation of the service of documents:
a. Harmonised minimal standards
b. The security and the respect of the rights of the parties
3. Mediation in the distraint
4. The certificate of negative assets

II - Activities relating to the search, the constitution and conservation of evidence

5. Statements of facts
a. Public markets
b. Counterfeits
c. Brands, drawings and models
d. Copyright
6. The safe electronic deposit at a judicial officer
7. Prospects for extension in the field of official statements of facts

8. The security of private deeds of agreements by the judicial officer

III - Harmonised additional activities

9. Auction sales
10. Assistance to the good administration of justice: missions entrusted by the judge
11. Mediation
12. Sequestration

IV - Activities of service and counselling

13. International networks of judicial officers
a. Debt collecting
b. Transmission of cases
c. Exchanges of information
14. Counselling activities
a. Debt collecting
b. Credit management
c. Resolution of the litigations in pre judicial phase
d. Strategy of securities
e. Strategy of enforcement
15. Activities relating to the Internet and to communication technologies
16. Administration of real estates
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