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Au service de la profession d’huissier de justice dans le monde depuis 1952
At the Service of the Profession of Judicial Officer in the World since 1952
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Towards the Justice reform in Algeria


UIHJ participation at a conference on the reform of Justice on 28-29 March 2005 in Algiers.

An event of an extraordinary kind

Algeria has the will to rethink things over and - which is remarkable - does not hesitate to prepare its future while looking straight in the face of the world.
It is very unusual for a State that considers to embark on reforms to organize a vast public debate where foreign delegations are invited.
Nearly 1 500 persons - the elite of the Judicial body of Algeria - convened on 28 March at the Nations Palace in Algiers for the opening of the National conference for the reform of Justice.
This event of an extraordinary kind was placed under the high patronage of Mr Abdelaziz Bouteflika, president of the Republic, whose personal implication in the debate was considerable.
Many delegations representing foreign institutions or governments were also invited to participate alongside the Algerian participants (Governments from Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Supreme courts from France and Belgium).
Regarding NGO, only UIHJ and its president, Jacques Isnard, were invited and asked to take  part in the debates, on the “financial aspect on enforcement”.
Although the theme was apparently distant from the central theme which was - it has to be reminded -the reform of Justice, it was eventually oriented in the general axis of the seminar: without legal security, there are no investments and without a thorough enforcement with highly competent professionals, there is no security.
In other words, it is important for the enforcement agents to have a high ranking in the reform of Justice, by the reinforcement of their competence and in the improvement of their status as well as in the increasing of their efficiency.

Strengthening the status and the efficiency of judicial officers

This motto was also developed by Mohamed Cherif, president of the National chamber of enforcement agents of Algeria. Mr Cherif also wished for a better organization of the disciplinary system and an improvement on the tariffs which haven't changed in over ten years.
Besides the 21 communications, 6 workshops were formed with experts chosen between magistrates, registrars, professors, legal professionals, every one being in charge of making recommendations. But amongst all those recommendations, none concerned enforcement of decisions and enforcement agents.
In his allocution, M. Tayeb Belaiz, Minister of Justice, keeper of the Seals, reminded the audience that since the launch of the National commission on the Justice reform (NCJR) in 1999, the organisation of this conference was historical. Nevertheless, the Minister of Justice insisted that the reforms achieved in other domains appeared to be very positive.
However, M. Belaiz did not deny the fact that more achievements and improvements were indispensable, notably amongst the magistrates body (training, recruitment, ...), in the modernization of Justice and in the training of legal professionals.
Concerning this aspect, president Isnard announced for next year the creation of a School of procedure for enforcement agents.
Amidst the reforms of procedural king, Mr Belaiz insisted on the relevance of the alternative modes of solving conflicts, which arguably can take some weight off from the jurisdictions.
But, as we know, at UIHJ we are reserved about this conception of Justice.

Fight against injustice

The Speech of Mr Bouteflika, president of the Republic, was highly expected and concerned internal and international political domains.
On the national level the president declared:
“Our objective is to allow for Justice to fully play its role of impartial arbitrator in the preservation of the freedom of the economical initiative to fight against the economical crisis and corruption”.
Concerning the international level, Mr Bouteflika said:
“We will not give in to pressures from Europe or anywhere... the reform will not come from our European partners neither from our privileged relations with USA.... We will not surrender to the pressures of our European or American partners.”
In the end, the president Bouteflika reminded the Judges with their essential role in the building of the State, and he invited them to fight injustice from wherever it may come.
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