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Au service de la profession d’huissier de justice dans le monde depuis 1952
At the Service of the Profession of Judicial Officer in the World since 1952
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Handbook on the Service of Documents in the EU: The Forms

Articles 4, 6, 8 and 10 of the Regulation.


In addition to the differences in legislations between States, the main obstacle to overcome is that of language. This is why forms common to all stakeholders were established. They are key communication tools of the Regulation.

All forms are attached to the Regulation. They are available on the website of the European Judicial Atlas

How to use the forms?

The forms should be completed by the various entities set up by Regulation.

When you submit a form in another state, it is unnecessary to address the model in the language of that other State. Preferably use models in your own language. In return, the State will send you a form in its language. You will understand the contents of the form using the numbering. To do this, you have to use the forms provided by Regulation which include numbering. To simplify their use, you can fill out forms directly from the site of the European Judicial Atlas or copy them into your computer system or in your word processing software.

According to art. 4.3 of the Regulation, however you have to complete the forms in the language accepted by the State with which you communicate. To find out which languages are accepted by member states to complete the forms, you have to refer to the communications of the Member States on the website of the European Judicial Atlas in civil matters. In practice you should not need to have to translate the content of the forms, since you have to write names, addresses, dates (in numbers) and to check, underline, circle, highlight, etc., the numbered items.

Fill out only what is strictly required only when the sign ":" appears. Otherwise, simply choose from the proposals made to you (circle, highlight...). For example for a document initiating proceedings, select section without specifying the type of document initiating proceedings.

What are the various Forms?

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